chemise lingerie Did this body lure Lee into bed last night? CB


    chemise lingerie VIXEN: Jasmine Waltz shows off the curves that attracted Lee Ryan [NUTS ]

    And judging from these smouldering snaps, Plus size garter belt no doubt Sunday's CBB evictee Lee Ryan was grovelling for an invitation into her hotel room last night.

    The American skater dress actress has stripped to her smalls for Nuts, posing in black lingerie to show off her decorative array of inkings while cementing her reign as the bad girl of this year's series.

    Flaunting her surgically-enhanced chest in a balcony bra, srtwhg2ge suspenders, and cascades of ebony hair, the 34-year-old puckers up the sultriest of pouts that caught the Blue singer's attention.

    But despite the will-they-won't-they Plus size garter belt debate that ensues over the love-rat, Jasmine insists even she's not sure of where the romance will lead.

    She revealed: "I think he’s skater dress sweet. It was really nice that he showed his feelings. A lot of guys try to hide it and the fact he opened up like that was awesome."

    Yet when quizzed over whether a hook-up is on the horizon, the former bed buddy of David Arquette said: "I hope so. Who knows, right? But I hope so."

    DRIVING YOU NUTS? Jasmine strips to lingerie for lads' mag [NUTS]

    Reflecting on their time trying to avoid the cameras behind closed toilet doors, Jasmine said: "We were just kissing.

    "Everyone’s so excited over what happened and basically nothing did. I mean, the way it’s edited makes it look like more happened, but it didn’t."

    Inevitably, razor sharp claws were sharpened for Casey Batchelor… with Jas now mimicking player Lee by magically deflecting blame entirely onto the glamour model.

    She said: "I liked her at first, but now I see that she manipulated a lot of people in the house into feeling sorry for her.

    "Having watched it back, I’ve seen Lee tell Casey five or six times that he didn’t like her in a serious way and that he was into me. I think she’s a little pathetic."

    She concluded: "I miss 90 per cent of the people in there. I definitely think we’ll be hanging out when they get released."

    The question is, did she hang with Lee alone last night?

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