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  • They beat  FIFA Coins and it wasnt that clse The Rckets hit2 f threes and scred pints cmbined frm behind the arc and the freethrw line It was pure Mreyball in every sense The Spurs wn ffense culdnt get uncrked because they were taking the ball ut f the net s frequently Als LaMarcus Aldridge was cmpletely invisible except when he was getting trched Then


    he was visibleThe Rckets gt the Spurs the Spurs flustered Dewayne Dedmn became the first Spur ejected frm a playff game in years Nene gt ejected a few minutes prir fr a bit f a thrat grab If there are indeed degrees f thrat grabs But fr all the damage it was ne game The Rckets need t win three mre in six games t claim the series We knw the Spurs will


    have smething t say abut thatIts hard t remember a mr We can cut Trnt sme slack in this ne thugh LeBrn James and Cavaliers came ut t embarrass the Raptrs and hw they did Kyrie Irving was ging ff the backbard t the King in the pening minutes! LeBrn feinted taking a beer break! Even Iman Shumpert was destrying the rim! Its just ne game but the


    Cavaliers lk awfully frisky Never cunt ut a LeBrn team in the regular  FIFA Mobile Coins seasn I suppseShut ut t Dahntay Jnes wh made fr jining the Cavaliers very very late in the seasn and then gt fined fr tw technicals and an ejectin in his three minutes f wrk n MndayTuesdays schedule all times ETWizards at Celtics pm TNT BS leads Jazz at Warrirs pm TNTPaul


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