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  • Game all about  Madden Mobile Account himHow many open shots Booker had in the final secondsYou sure cant blame him but Booker had a somewhat open three in the final seconds and then a wide open free throw line jumper off an offensive rebound that was just a little long Thats how close he was to adding to his tallyBooker also had a three when he was sitting at points


    that didnt count because of a foul that took place moments earlier The referees reviewed it and had Jared Dudley shoot free throws but it easily could have been a situation where Dudley shot AND Bookers three countedDALLAS Russell Westbrooks voice was nearly gone but he didnt seem to mind Thats standard Thats the norm for himMy voice is


    always gone Westbrook said After a game I never have my voice But its alrightAnything would be alright with Westbrook after he singlehandedly willed the Thunder into this win Down points with left in the game it felt like Oklahoma City had been slogging through an offensive malaise for more than three and a half quarters Certainly a run to close


    the game with a win didnt seem likely At that point it seemed like a run Madden Mobile 18 Account might even be too much to askThen like weve seen a time or two before Westbrook seemed to decide this wasnt a game he was willing to lose anymore After that the points came in a flurryIt was just like trying to get out of his way Steven Adams said And he did the rest which



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