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  • From point guard  Madden Mobile Account John Wall blocking Serge Ibaka at the rim in massive fashionThe home stretch of the NBA season continues on Wednesday night as teams will take the court The night is headlined with two big Eastern Conference games as teams fight for playoff position On ESPN the No seed Cavaliers and No seed Celtics face off in Boston The


     Celtics are currently four games back from the Cavaliers The Wizards and Raptors who are third and fourth in the East respectively will battle in Toronto Each team falls two games behind the CelticsCavaliers and Celtics will tip off on ESPN at pm while the Wizards and Raptors are at pm on League Pass Following CavsCeltics the Rockets and


     Clippers hit the floor at pm on ESPNStories from earlier todayJoel Embiid injury to sideline ers center for rest of NBA seasonKevin Durant injury will not end his seasonKevin Durants injury could put the Wests No seed in playApparently Paul George likes Sunday afternoon basketball games because he is putting on a clinic against the Atlanta


     Hawks He started the first quarter with points on of shooting then finished Madden 18 Mobile Account the first half with points on of shooting Efficient Paul George to the rescueGeorge is shooting % from the floor and that includes a half court shot missed to close the half % if you take that awayPat Boylan PatBoylanPacers March George only got one shot off in the fourth


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