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  • Came in handy later poe currency onThe reigning finals MVP came off the bench and had arguably his best allaround game of the playoffs finishing the night with points seven rebounds six assists and a fantastic defensive performance Iguodala along with Shaun Livingston who scored a career playoffshigh of points and Leandro Barbosa who scored points in minutes


     carried the offense while Curry and Thompson struggled All three got a little more run than usual which shows that Kerr is not afraid of adjust his rotations on the fly Everyone has their opportunity and if they make the most of it and the matchup is favorable they get a bump in playing timeThat doesnt mean theres no hierarchy of course Its


    just not as rigid as it is on other teams in part because the players have allowed their coach the freedom to change their role as he sees fit The Warriors simply adapt their main rotation not only from series to series but also from game to gameLast season Andrew Bogut was on the bench for the better part of the back end of the finals series as the


     team went smaller This season he played big minutes in Game against poe currency buy the Thunder then had his playing time reduced going forward including the start of the series against the Cavaliers He had no issue with it Thompson played just under minutes on Thursday but you wont hear him plain because he knows next time around when the bench wings



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