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  • Sensible course of action poe currency This is a serious health issue so it makes sense that both the Heat and Bosh are treating it as such Hopefully the time AllStar will have a speedy recovery and will be back on the court at the start of next seasoIn the immediate aftermath of the Indiana Pacers losing Game of their firstround series to the Toronto


    Raptors coach Frank Vogels situation became very tenuous Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Vogels contract is up and there had been no discussions about an extensionPacers president Larry Bird didnt want to talk about the status of Vogel right after the game on Sunday but a day later he told Gregg Doyel of The


    Indianapolis Star hes undecided about the future of his head coach Larry Legend also offered up this nonvote of confidence for Vogel What I dont want to do is leave Frank hanging ?? theres other jobs out there he could get Three days after that he officially relieved Vogel of his dutiesThe statement about other job openings is certainly


    true The Houston Rockets New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings are still cheap poe currency going through the process of hiring a coach and Woj noted Sunday that Vogel would have intense appeal on the market Vogel is widely regarded as a good coach as hes racked up a record in fiveplus seasons in Indiana on the back of consistently elite defense


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