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  • Impact in Mondays win poe currency With Dallas still missing Chandler Parsons who underwent seasonending knee surgery last month the Mavericks didnt have enough firepower to keep up on either endDallas kept the game interesting for nearly three quarters but the excellence of Durant and Westbrook was too much After the Mavericks slowed


    down Game Oklahoma City played Game at the quicker tempo they prefer Lacking athletes there wasnt much Dallas could do to keep upOklahoma City now goes up in the series with another game ing at the American Airlines Center Its possible Williams can give it another shot with his hernia injury after missing on Thursday KD


    wasnt playing aroundAfter a careerworst of shooting night on Thursday Kevin Durant was simply too good to let that happen again The Oklahoma City superstar made shots early and often scoring nine points in the first quarter and revving it up to by halftime Dallas defense wasnt quite a crisp with mixups leading to the much smaller


    Raymond Felton and Devin Harris matching him for a few possessions poe currency buy but Durant made shots over Matthews too At nearly hed shoot over people but we know Durant can do this tooDurant didnt let up at all on Thursday and proved his abnormally bad shooting night really was just an anomaly The Mavericks Game recipe wont


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