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  • Given that the Cavs could get poe currency a week or more off if they close out the Hawks in Atlanta it seems likely that they will be striving to shut the door Cleveland's hot! Cleveland's hot!One game after setting an NBA record for threes in a game the Cavs might have been expected to cool off on the road against a very good defensive team


    Instead they rained down another threes with Frye making a third of themFrye a midseason acquisition for a Cavs team that scuffled for much of the early months of had made just three triples in the playoffs prior to Friday night But if he can join Irving Love and JR Smith in sniping with accuracy the Cavs' offense can be nigh


    unbeatable with James and Irving distributing the ball It's over for AtlantaNo NBA team has ever recovered from a deficit to win a bestofseven playoff series and these Hawks aren't going to be the team to make history Not against these Cavs putting on as great a singleseries shooting show as has ever been seen and not with their best


    options seemingly helpless to stop the Cleveland onslaughtAl Horford is poe currency buy a star who has verged on superstardom for the Hawks over the years and he had a great game on Friday with points on shots He was also a staggering in plusminus All of about three teams exist in the NBA that could beat the Cavs at this level of play and they're


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