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    He's never averaged doubledigit scoring or more thanassists per game But hey two rings Andrew NicholsonMagic Restricted million qualifying offer I don't think it's going to happen for Andrew Nicholson in the Marreese Speights Warriors Unrestricted Wait did I rank the Mo Speights insurance policy who never plays above Mo


    Speights himself I sure did Lance Thomas Knicks Unrestricted Shooting well this season in New York and he's a strong defender What keeps him this low is a lack of a strong track record He'sbut hasn't yet made threepointers He could be a nice steal if he reinforces his newfound shot Matt Barnes Grizzlies Unrestricted When you


    thought the Matt Barnes Ahole Quotient could get no higher theseason happens poe currency buy David LeeCeltics Unrestricted Toast OJ MayoBucks Unrestricted Even Contract Year OJ Mayo stinks relative to other players at this point Trevor BookerJazz Unrestricted Having a really awful season Perhaps he can pick it back up Could end upspots


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