Some lamps will grant larger effectiveness

  • Although there are so many negative speeches about RuneScape MTX, the Treasure Hunter - Genie's Gift this week still hits in the game on time. However, we finally get a response from a J Mod, who has expressed that they will have a management meeting to talk about RuneScape MTX soon.What is it like about Treasure Hunter this week - Genie’s Gift ON MMOGO Inc.?


    Until October 2, The genie Karima will offer all your favorite lamps during Genie’s Gift, including Prismatic Lamps, Hydra Lamps, Smouldering Lamps, Dark Lamps, Bright Lamps, and Celebration Lamps. What is more, some lamps will grant larger effectiveness in this promotion.What is the response from Jagex about Genie’s Gift?Many players wonder why Jagex still releases this Treasure Hunter when there are so many bad comments about RuneScape MTX. A J Mod explains this TH has been developed, revealed, and waiting for about a month, and they definitely cannot suspend the Treasure Hunter Promotions overnight.


    What is the response from Jagex about RuneScape MTX?Finally the J Mod has made a response to the heated discussion about RuneScape MTX. He expresses that they don’t want to give a wishy-washy statement which the players will absolutely satisfied about.For this is an issue which has effect on every part of Jagex, the decision will impact the game and Jagex for a long time and can not be made by one person alone.


    There will be a management meeting for 2 days next week, during which they will discuss the long term vision of RuneScape, including monetisation (especially MTX). that means we will have an official and RuneScape gold clear response from Jagex soon.We just hope the decision about RuneScape MTX they make will allow most of players satisfied. And you can buy RS gold cheap with 6% or 9% off until October 9.The mmogo Team Masked Stranger OSRS or Blue Skull - do You Survive the Spook?