It is good to see FUT Coins

  • It is good to see GFX will improve for all, but will the general roughness of the game also be improved upon or will that still continue to take a hit just to make the game look  quot;pretty quot;?1:It 39;s two buttons for one function, it 39;s a combination of FUT Coins Shift+Q, which is the combo to change my action bar down by one number which I have the combo bound to my mouse to mimic what my keyboard does just with a mouse button instead.


    I 39;m not leaving my computer, I 39;m not making my computer space out actions and auto click. It 39;s as if I am pressing shift+q(which is a hotkey that has one singular purpose of changing action bars on EOC) with the use of my mouse which is a popular thing to do on a MMOR   such as RuneScape.2: What does NXT have anything to do with my post, I 39;m purely asking if such things can or would be implemented.


    Eliminating Java makes such a thing easier to do because of how C++ handles integers compared to Java. From what I understand in what they said on stream, the Java client will no be updated after the release of NXT. Which will lead to the end of support eventually. Which means, it leaves room for them to make the change and thy can increase the max stack value if they so please.To all posters after this, please try to keep your posts relevant to questions about NXT or answering and questions that are asked.


    Please ask question and answer them but don 39;t provide useless information or go off topic, thank you.In Runescape Classic Looking Forward Not a very interesting story, but a story none the less.Just kind of reminiscing over what this Buy FIFA Coins game has been, and what it is today. I haven 39;t played in about 2 years, so I still haven 39;t even picked everything up yet. But wow, all the new stuff. I don 39;t even recognize items anymore.