How to Shining Your Customized Apron Sink

  • Shining Your Customized Apron Sink : To give your stainless steel sink a nice shine follow up with this stainless steel cleaning tip.

    Apply a small amount of olive oil to a soft cloth.

    Rub the entire surface of the Customized Apron Sink. Don't use too much oil or the sink will look and feel oily and will attract dust and dirt.

    Fill a spray bottle with warm water and spray the Customized Apron Sink area.

    Polish the Customized Apron Sink with a Sham-Wow or other cloth until it shines. Now it will look like it was just installed in your kitchen.

    Keeping Your Customized-sink Looking New: To help keep your handmadesink clean use a perforated rubber mat in the Customized-sink. This will cut down on scratching and marks that can be left by pans and tableware.

    Keep a small container in the Customized-sink where silverware, knives, rags or sponges can be deposited. I use an old Tupperware container. Before meals I add a couple drops of liquid dishwashing soap and some warm water to the bowl. By the time the dishes are put in the dishwasher, any stuck on food, rinses right off.

    Never use steel wool or harsh, abrasive cleaners as it can scratch the Customized-sink surface.

    Don't scrub against the grain lines, this will damage the original finish and could cause permanent scratching.

    You shouldn't leave steel or cast iron cookware or implements on the surfaces for extended periods of time. This can cause corrosion and staining.

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