License Keys and Codes



    some programs and functions blanketed with windows, consisting of net statistics offerings, need to be grew to become on before you can use them. certain different features are turned on through default, License keys but you can turn them off in case you don’t use them.

    to turn a feature off in earlier variations of home windows, you had to uninstall it completely out of your computer. in this model of home windows, the functions remain saved to your difficult disk so you can flip them returned on if you want to. Turning off a function does no longer uninstall the feature, and it does not reduce the quantity of tough disk space used by home windows capabilities.

    to turn home windows functions on or off, comply with these steps:

    . click the start button , click manipulate Panel, click packages, and then click flip windows capabilities on or off. if you're caused for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or offer confirmation.

    . to show a home windows function on, choose the take a look at container subsequent to the feature. to show a windows function off, clear the take a look at box. click good enough.

    a few windows functions are grouped Windows 8 activation keys collectively in folders, and some folders include subfolders with additional features. If a check box is partly checked or is dimmed, then a number of the items within the folder are turned on and some are became off. To view the contents of a folder, double-click on it.