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    The 2013 Rubber Chicken Run, a fundraiser for Middletown's Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater, raised over $5,000, enabling the playhouse to continue conducting creative theater programs for young people ages three to 18. As the race's primary sponsor, Pratt Whitney employees were on hand at the event, which was held at Middletown's Mercy High School. This year, Pratt Whitney also had a five person team compete in the race.

    District Judge Stefan R. Underhill ruled before the trial in Bridgeport that retired Officer William Proulx and Officer James O'Connor violated the rights of Anthony Brocuglio Sr. When they went into his fenced backyard on Church Street Sept.. As the youngest of three, I was different. I was more outspoken and socialized more. I was a rebel since birth.

    Rita Santos sempre trabalhou em banco. Era gerente de uma agncia no Rio de Janeiro. At que o marido, piloto militar, foi enviado por trs meses para participar de um seminrio em Salvador. George B. Neas has been appointed to Crooks Memorial United Methodist Church in Yorktown. He comes from a three year pastorate at Park Place United Methodist Church in the Norfolk District.

    By October 2007, the three floor, 20 room house with five guest rooms was ready to open. They started with 10 days of public tours as a fundraiser for the Keane Foundation, which was created to honor Wethersfield resident Richard Keane and others who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Shortly afterward, they hosted a friend's wedding and a party for those who worked on the renovation..

    A: The first one was a goal line play and I didn't have much time to think about it. When you're a running back, you're just getting paid to do what you've done your whole life. Later on, I realized I had just scored touchdowns in the league with the greatest athletes in the world..

    Brian owned many award winning Jaguar automobiles. He was a friend to all who called him friend and a faithful friend of Bill W. Besides his beloved wife Margot, he is survived by his brother, Francis X. After breaking through with a 14 point game against Nebraska, shooting 5 for 8 from the field, freshman Katie Lou Samuelson had another tough night shooting. She was 2 for 9 and 1 for 5 from three for five points. This season, Samuelson, the reigning national high school player of the year, is 10 for 28 from the field and 4 for 18 from three.

    "Hearing about it isn't the same as having it in your veins. It becomes an all consuming thought process and activity. Your heart races in your chest every time your trainer calls because you're worried about the dreaded injury call."I made Dale Romans start every phone call for the last two months with, 'Everything is fine.' The agony of the unknown, I guess you could say.

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