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    Urwerk UR-210S all-metal jacket

    Urwerk's top satellite cube complications, the UR-210, have upgraded a matching bracelet, nicknamed "all-metal jackets".
    When UR-210 was launched three years ago, UR-202 and UR-203 were replaced by Urwerk's flagship complications. Now this is the first time that a huge bracelet has been provided as a UR-210S all-metal jacket, fine finished steel interrupted assembly.

    Steel Bracelet Manufactured by Maspoli SA, Maspoli SA is a manufacturer of bracelets in Villeneuve, a town opposite Lac Leman, Geneva. Made of steel, like the UR-210S case, the bracelet consists of large and heavy single-piece connections and butterfly buckles. It is heavy, with a clear and expensive finishing cheap watches for sale

    One of the key differences between this and the standard UR-210 is that the watch is part of the bracelet combination. This is located on the crown, although it does not perform the task, but the crown guard by improving the form of the box to enhance the beauty of the angle.

    The rest of the watch is retro Urwerk. This is the case where the steel is drawn, plus the back made of black coated titanium. Urwerk's patented turbine winding mechanism is visible later and controls the turbine speed control. The regulator is designed to match the winding efficiency to the wearer's physical activity. A lazy person will set the turbine well to "full" and "reduce" or "stop" the most suitable

    Like other Urwerk watches, the UR-210S all-metal jacket is mainly monochrome, and the color of the dial and satellite display is the same as it is now (in contrast to the recently published UR-105 in orange) or yellow).



    URWERK UR-202S "all-metal jacket" watch with bracelet

    From the brand that gives you a black gold-plated watch, the black coated steel sheet (and wire drawing) - for some reason the brand seems strange. But I am more excited about the bracelet. This is the first Urwerk watch I know, with a metal bracelet - I think it is very appropriate. You can make me excited all day fancy material, but I really like a good project bracelet (which is exactly what I expect from Urwerk).Cheap Hublot masterpiece mp-05 ferrari watch

    2011 UR-202S "all-metal jacket" is a variant of UR-202, which itself is a variant of UR-203. Due to the shape of the case, this collection is also called "hammer". It is actually my favorite Urwerk watch style in their collection so far. UR-202 was previously completed in the limited edition UR-202 White Shark watch in steel / titanium, and I wrote a good hands-on practice article here. The difference between the two watches is the complexity of the left and right sides of the dial. UR-203 has a "oil change" indicator and watch the lamp life, but UR-202 has a moon phase indicator and day / night indicator, which is more useful than the UR-203 function. will provide UR202S, which includes steel coated with AlTiN (aluminum, titanium and nitride) and polished steel. Urwerk will also provide the 18k rose gold version of the UR-202S will also be available. Box height 45.7mm, width 43.5mm, thickness 15mm. Inside the watch is Urwerk automatic caliber 7.03 movement (love is automatic). Tell the time has been done through satellite sticks, they have hours on them and run along tiny scales. Bracelet has a lot of work to be done and should be very impressive. Overall, a nice black and a watch suitable for watch design look good. UR-202S will be limited edition.

    Technical specifications - UR-202S


    Caliber UR 7.03 automatic winding
    Jewelry 34
    Balanced single metal
    Frequency 28,800 v / h, 4Hz
    Balance spring plane
    Power reserve for 39 hours
    The main order of the winding order
    A twisted one - way winding rotor controlled by a double blower

    Bridge spots and rhodium plating

    Screw head slope

    The pin is polished


    Satellite complications - patented - with orbital time and telescopic minute hand

    Day / night instructions

    Moon phase


    Bridge and hour satellites in ARCAP P40; beryllium bronze transporters treated with MOVIC; telescopic minute hand in titanium.

    Return: Adjust lever for wire adjustment


    Rotary Trojan Diamond Mirror Mirror Polished

    PE-CVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition)

    Super LumiNova handles hour and minute markers


    Metal: gold, AlTiN (titanium aluminum nitride) stainless steel or polished stainless steel, are equipped with metal bracelet; titanium base.

    Size: 45.7mm x 43.5mm x 15mm

    Water resistance: 3ATM / 30m / 90 '


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