Paulinho is Barca’s secret weapon

  • After joining Barcelona, ​​Paulini is currently only played for 7 minutes. Paulinho can do more than midfield position, but he will play in Barcelona what position? In recent years, Busquets, Rakiti and Iniesta are Barcelona midfielder iron triangle, Paulini can find their own living space around them? "Daily Sport newspaper" today in the front page headlines pointed out that Barvade to Pauline as a secret weapon.

    Barcelona introduced the reason why Paul is because he can provide the previous lineup does not have the factors. In Barvard's view, Paulinho running a great ability to cover, he can anytime, anywhere to the other line of pressure. In the Champions League key game and strong dialogue, Paulini can cure Barcelona's "low back pain."

    In the Enrique era, Barcelona's midfielder control tends to decline. In the first season, the bench played by Harvey also help the Barcelona control field. In the second season, Iniesta state is pretty good, but the middle of the season Barcelona problem gradually highlighted. In the last season, Barcelona midfielder issues completely exposed. Barcelona midfielder lack sufficient athletic ability, fifa 18 coins in the Iniesta state after the decline, Barcelona's control and therefore a significant decline. Unable to control the situation, fight the body fight hardness and fight but opponents, Barcelona so often midfielder opponents completely suppressed situation. If not the strength of MSN Trident is too strong, Barcelona is likely to collapse early last season.

    In Barvard's view, Paulini can cure this ills of Barcelona. Paulini can provide enough athletic ability, his scraping makes Barcelona to enhance the midfield strength, his high pressure can help Barcelona early in the midfield to build a line of defense. Regardless of Barcelona playing 433 or kick 4231, Paulini can even in the midfielder even in the avant-garde position to make their own contribution.

    If Paulini can play a level should be, he can even help the liberation of Messi. As the Barcelona control decline, Messi in recent years had to repeatedly retreated to the midfield, which makes the flea history level of shooting was wasted. In Barvard's view, if Pauline can improve the level of Barcelona midfielder, then Messi will be able to be liberated. fifa coins