the clamor for the children appeared within the news

  • Everyone in ‘Baywatch’ seems for the verge of cracking up about finding yourself in a movie version of ‘Baywatch’at xmovies8 - how could they cease? The laughs in director Seth Gordon’s surprisingly fun and self-mocking comedy don’t sneak standing on you a lot as hail from a mile using an air-horn blast after which bonk you above the head. This is a film by which lifeguard Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson explodes out of your water - in slo-mo - using a rescued paraglider within his arms, while porpoises flip behind him in celebration.

    The point about this Hollywood version in the butt-ogling ’90s TV phenomenon is the fact that, pretty quickly, it can make you feel in about the gag. Taking lessons from 2012’s wonderfully silly ‘21 Jump Street’ (by which Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill scientifically proved that bad television don't need to result in bad filmmaking), ‘Baywatch’ owns its preposterousness.

    Shortly after The Phantom Menace was released, George Lucas suggested that his film simply couldn't match the weight of expectation - which the media attention had generated the prequel being "overhyped."

    "When you obtain in a situation this way," Lucas told Starlog, "where you might have such high expectations on the market, the film can't possibly surpass that [...] I'm a little amazed at the amount of attention the film is now. We've tried hard to not enable the film be overhyped, but it really got unmanageable and got overhyped anyway. There's not much you're able to do about these items, really."

    To his credit, Lucas may be right when he references the impracticality of living as much as audience expectation watch5s. Where some studios could possibly have released four (if not more) trailers along with a series of accompanying TV spots, The Phantom Menace delivered two trailers. But it was all of the accompanying merchandise and media coverage that made Episode I seem pretty much ubiquitous in 1998 and 1999: if your first tie-in toys proceeded sale, the clamor for the kids appeared within the news.

    Lucas might not have intended The Phantom Menace being as hyped the way it was, but an item of pop culture entertainment like Star Wars was always going to find plenty of interest - especially from folks who, perhaps naively, hoped for a motion picture-going experience that will fill us sticking with the same awe that Star Wars did after we were youngsters.