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  • Today, we buy wow gold are going to introduce you the most interesting and challenging puzzle game, 11+. At first sight, you may consider it as a copy of 2048. However, it is not the same. 11+ game is featured with elaborate design, simple play, beautiful graphics and various modes. For every game beginner, this eleven game is worth time to try. The theory is quite easy: You match the tiles of same value and combine them into one larger number. The final goal is 11 tile. At the same time, you are required to make full use of logic thoughts and space imagination. Don't think it is a easy task. You can only combine same numbers connected. For example, you can combine several "2" tiles or several "3" tiles and so on and so forth.

    At first this is easy, but as you climb higher and higher this task becomes much more difficult. It is much easier to combine "4 tiles than two "8 tiles. While this is starting to sound impossible, fear not! We are here to help you. We are glad to give you the best advice about 11+ tile game strategy to help you beat the funny but challenging game.

    What you should notice is that eleven game differs from 2048. 11+ gives players options to arrange the positions. This means you can plan ahead of every move in order to decide where to match. The more high valued tiles get formed, the more chances you climb to beat the 11+ game! Below, you are going to read some 11+ strategy guide from us:

    Keep Your Big Tiles Cornered. This is a tried and true method of success in 11+ regardless of game type. By keeping your big tiles cornered, it frees up the rest of the board for smaller tiles. This also makes it easier to get at them when you need to. Use the center to create big tiles, then move them to the corners to combine them with the ones already there.

    A Clean Board is a Happy Board. Basically, don't let your board end up with two 10 separated. This may sound like a simple thing to include in this guide but it is probably the most important. Do not let your board become cluttered with tiles because, before you know it, you'll have no more moves to make. While this example has moves to make, it is far too cluttered for this point in the game. Also, follow the corner strategy in your attempts to clean up your board. This makes it much easier to maintain a board that is free of excess tiles.

    If you follow the 11+ tile game strategy in mind, you'll be well on your way to victory in no time. Sometime luck is an important factor how to beat 11+. Because the numbers (except you get by matching) are randomly appeared, so if you are lucky, you will get the ones you want! Hope the 11+ puzzle game strategy can help you win! Don't forget other top free strategy games here!.


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