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  • The Summer Picnic Dress (Jollyhers cheap clothing for children ) has taken me quite a while to put together for you guys, but I said I would make it available, so it is finally here!

    If you are a beginner sewer and would like to try your hand at garment sewing this is the perfect pattern for you to try.  There is a little bit of gathering, which is a great skill to learn, but other than that it’s really straight-forward sewing. I’ve graded the pattern from size 12 Month through Size 4.  For the patterns I sell, I typically do more sizes, but since this one is free, I just kept it to four sizes.  Feel free to adjust the pattern up for larger sizes.

    Also, I usually have someone that helps me digitize my patterns for printing, but this time I decided to take the plunge and digitize this pattern myself.  I’m not going to lie and say it was easy………it was a steep learning curve for me.  And it’s probably not perfect, but there is something so satisfying about learning a new skill and program.  I digitized this pattern in Adobe Illustrator and I just barely know the basics now.  I can tell that Illustrator could be amazing if you really knew what you were doing.  But baby steps, right? Anyway, I’m very proud of the digitized version of this pattern (even though it took me forever to get it done).

    Cut out the appropriate size and tape together the main dress piece.  There are four pieces for the main dress that need to be put together.  Overlap the pattern pieces at the solid lines to form the main dress pattern piece. See the final page of the printable pattern for a diagram.

    If you have any trouble printing the pattern, please check your printer settings.  I have printed it out many times on my own home printer, so it should print properly.

      Cut all pieces according to pattern.


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    rahul roy
    July 21, 2017