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  • Ladies and gentlemen, but especially ladies, it is  longgown dress  with great regret that I must announce that we are no longer accepting entries for the 2017 Here We Go Looby Loo Awards.

    For the first time in the distinguished history of this celebrated competition, we have a runaway winner in January, even though some of the judges have yet to return from their Christmas  christmas costume  holidays.

    While there are, technically speaking, 11 months and three weeks still remaining in this calendar year, the organisers have decided to bring the deadline forward to midnight yesterday.

    The bookies are already paying out  corset skirts sets  on the odds-on favourite. Contrary to some reports you may have read elsewhere, the title is not going to the aptly-named actress January Jones, delicious as that may have been.

    Miss Jones, the sour-faced madwoman from Mad Men, the TV series about  underbust corset  Sixties New York advertising folk, certainly made a strong impression with her assertion that her son doesn’t need a father and would benefit from being brought up in an all-female environment.