Hex Lag Screws are accepted as chipboard screws

  • These types of avant-garde accouterments accomplish faster connections, but are big-ticket as compared to accepted wood lag screws supplies

    They are are attenuate and aciculate and do not crave pre-drilling clashing lag screws

    These are engineered to accommodated top standards as they are fabricated up of harder and heat-treated steel

    These are begin alone in baddest food in assertive admeasurement and length

    These bulk several times academy than a agnate lag screw

    Plywood screws, which are aswell accepted as chipboard screws are self-tapping screws, featuring attenuate shaft and abject threads. These accouterments are fabricated up of either copse dust or copse chips and resin, and as the name suggests, these screws are mainly in plywood and other bendable copse surfaces.

    These rivets are fabricated to assure this blended surface, so as to blade loosening. The screws durably authority either two plywood or any chipboard to other materials, say accustomed wood.

    Apart from arbor works, these Hex Lag Screws are awful recommended for squeaky floors as well. Afresh one of our admired admirers faced an affair with pressboard sub-flooring in his 20 years old house. While his admiral attic was acrid beneath the carpet, the bench floors blow the complete abode whenever stepped on promptly. His basal affair was to stop those acute annoying complete and if he should go for accession band of plywood over the complete flooring? He was aswell absorbed in replacing the complete floor.