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  • Splash cousons have 2k17 MT Points a very large outstanding features, there is no clash between the two. Despite all the interview, the sponsorship and magazine covers always Curry limelight despite the presence of Curry makes Thompson was unable to become the NBA's most prolific three-point shooter, still there is no gap between the two. This season, Thompson hit 276 three-pointers, there was only last season (286) and season (402) Curry more than Thompson. Three seasons nearly, Curry and Thompson hit three in number charts occupy the top two always, Curry was two seasons MVP nearly.

    "Thompson did not care, although Curry always pressed him. " Warriors assistant - Luke Walton said, "I do not even know how much attention you want to Thompson, he just loves basketball, love to the gym training, hard grinding own skills. " When the Lakers, the 2003-04 season, Bryant Wharton witnessed - Bulaiente and Shaquille O'Neal - is how to trouble breaking, he had never seen a team this season is so united as warriors. "It's very rare, " Wharton said. "I think almost all teams in the NBA which in turn not exist. "

    Those that know the Thompson family explained Thompson's character is more similar to 2k17 MT Coins his mother Julie, than his father Mitchell rather. Thompson's play did not similar to his father, Mitchell, the father played in the NBA 13 years is a top of 6 feet twelve center. However , Thompson mastered from Mitchell how to overcome their unique conceit. At the end of his career, Mitchell offers 3 seasons in four seasons with the Lakers as a substitute, but to know that Mitchell was the champion of the year. In an understudy, he helped the Lakers finals 3 times, winning 2 times.