Plus Hawksmoor-like blackboard to RS gold

  • Plus Hawksmoor-like blackboards (Richard Turner, the meat maestro executive chef, is RS gold involved in that fine group, too) that sing of various steak specials. But this is a serious restaurant, a place to linger rather than scoff down ribs and picklebacks and shoot off.

    More revolutionary still, they’ve ditched the pulled pork (a dish that has moved from David Bowie to David Brent in a matter of months) and ’cue, instead allowing the chefs to indulge in all their sickest carnivorous fantasies. A gleaming, multi-levelled and frankly pornographic wood-burning grill dominates the kitchen, and damn it’s hot. Pitt Cue is manly without being macho, with club-land-green painted walls, an open kitchen and the usual exposed brick and ducts.

    There’s a smoker, too, but it’s hidden round the back, a bit player rather than the main attraction. At the new Pitt Cue, there’s precious little smoke.The regulars have made the pilgrimage east and were not too happy to hear that the pulled pork had gone the way of all flesh. But as the charming maître d’ points out, most of them leave happy all the same. The menu is resolutely modern and St John curt (blood cake, grilled lamb heart, mackerel).

    Pitt Cue 1 The AvenueDevonshire Square, London EC2020 7324 7770, But cheap OSRS gold any fears that this kitchen has bitten off more than it can chew are quickly dispelled with the first mouthful, pate with country loaf. Sent out free, but I didn’t have the heart, or restraint, to send it back.Nothing revolutionary, rather rough textured and blissfully piggy. Like a roll in the hay with a hock of