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    I have frequented Scissors for about seven years now. My husband and I found the salon when we lived in the Fan and now that we have moved out of the city I still go to Scissors. As a woman with thick hair that is very curly it is hard to find a stylist that I trust to work with my hair type.

    I divided up space into two functional areas: a large, comfortable lounge and a smaller games area. I used floral linen drapery panels with accents in red, teal, gold and green to define and separate the two areas. Decided the new floralart installation should go in the lounge, where it can be seen the moment you walk in.

    Reasonably priced snacks will be available, including pizza, hot dogs, nacho chips with cheese sauce, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, candy, cookies and drinks. A raffle will add to the festivities. This will be the sixth year for this event and should be a great evening of fun for all who attend.

    The target: a separating shortrange ballistic missile. Zipping over the Pacific ocean. The USS Lake Erie. Employers like Reed Elsevier, the publishing company, are using a Webbased game service from a company called Keas that encourages workers to stay healthy by grouping themselves into teams of six and collecting points for achieving mental and physical fitness goals. Among the challenges Keas assigns: laughing randomly for 30 seconds. The members of winning teams at Reed each get $200 gift cards..

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