Audrina Patridge turns up the heat for Oktoberfest Costume

  • 'Goose pimples are not sexy': Posing on a beach back in Oktoberfest Costume December Audrina Patridge said she found it hard to feel sexy while covered in goose pimples.

    But as these seductive shots show the swimwear manufacturer 26-year-old didn’t struggle to turn up the temperature in the studio in her latest swimwear shoot.

    The model and actress appears to cool herself down with a fizzy drink as she shows off her incredible body in a revealing white monokini for the racy photo shoot for FHM magazine.

    Cooling down: Audrina Patridge shows off her incredible body in a revealing white swimsuit in her latest shoot for FHM Magazine

    The reality TV star has proved to be one of the more successful cast members following the end of the hit show Hollywood based show and Miss Patridge has bagged her very on TV show, appeared on Dancing With The Stars and is in strong demand as a model.

    Speaking about the shoot Audrina said: ‘Usually when I pose it’s all about being full-on sexy, but in this shoot I was able to dance around, have fun and flirt with the camera and it meant the photos were really cool.’

    Referring to her previous shoot with the magazine which left her freezing on the sand she said: ‘Do you know how tough it is to look sexy when you’re covered in goose pimples?’

    Audrina moved to L.A. when she was 18-years-old and found fame shortly after alongside Lauren Conrad on the reality TV show.

    Simply stunning: In another shot for the magazine the reality TV star who has her own show Audrina! poses in just a pair of knickers and a T-shirt

    And while the drama of her friends has stopped being shown on screen  Audrina’s own reality TV show  documents her family life.

    She told FHM: ‘The Hills was about living in Hollywood, but Audrina! is about everything that’s going on in my life. It gets pretty intense at times. Especially when my family are arguing, or I’m fighting with Corey.’

    And last month viewers in America saw just how tense relations are between her sister Casey and her father Mark which left Audrina in tears after she failed to heal their rift.

    The August edition of FHM is out now

    Talking about her show and life in the limelight she said: ‘Everyone has an opinion even though they don’t really know the truth. It’s for this reason I don’t really care or read what people say. I used to, but then I realised that if you care about what everyone else thinks and try to please them all, then you will end up destroying yourself.’