What kind of Hydraulic Jack to buy?

  • What kind of Hydraulic Jack to buy? Many users in the purchase of hydraulic jack, always want to buy their own cheap products for their own cheap, to avoid some trouble in the future. Taizhou force tyrants to provide you with some of the views, hoping to help you buy to the satisfaction of the jack.

    With the continuous development of the modern, the company also will develop. Industrial production, steel mills, railway repair, bridge construction and so on demand for hydraulic demand is also increasing, while demand is also increasing. So for many companies will gradually use the new hydraulic jack to replace the old use of the old way to achieve the purpose of upgrading and lifting. All in all, we need to develop the hydraulic jack according to the hydraulic jack situation, buy hydraulic jack.
    1, to understand the brand of hydraulic jack or jack parts.
    Such as: the main components of the entire hydraulic jack with what or what brand? These are also you must know. Although it is a small part, but the main component is also affecting your hydraulic jack use.
    In the case of
    2, to understand the raw materials of the product
    Hydraulic jack The raw material of the cylinder is very important to you, so consider the price, you must first consider these two parts. When you buy, first look at the quality, hydraulic jack is the use of high-density alloy steel, according to the minimum safety factor of 3.1 the highest specifications designed. The surface of the piston rod piston ring has a smooth wear-resistant coating, it has a low friction and excellent wear resistance. Steel ring to further improve the hydraulic jack against lateral pressure and to prevent the piston over the hydraulic jack, etc., from the above can be seen that the main material is very important, because it is the hydraulic jack function quality plays a decisive effect.
    In the case of
    3, of course, need to understand the safety of hydraulic jack maintenance.
    Each hydraulic jack is equipped with high-flow quick connector to ensure free flow of liquid. Part of the hydraulic jack at the bottom of the cylinder are equipped with threaded holes, easy to install. Most of the working capacity of more than 50 tons of hydraulic jacks have rings or handle, help to carry the site placement.

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