Hydraulic jack in the lifting operation

  • Hydraulic Jack before you need to prepare what work? Yipengack next to introduce you, hope to bring you help!

    Hydraulic jack in the lifting operation, to select the appropriate tonnage of the hydraulic jack, carrying capacity can not be overloaded, select the hydraulic jack bearing capacity is greater than 1.2 times the weight of gravity; hydraulic jack minimum height appropriate, in order to facilitate the removal, the choice of hydraulic jack The minimum height should be adapted to the clearance at the bottom of the weight of the load, the lifting jacks of the hydraulic jacks are greater than the sum of the thickness of the sleepers and the deformation of the sleepers.

    Jack knowledge of maintenance

    1, the machine shall not throw any drop impact, so as not to damage the parts. Affect.

    2, the machine in use, the user must be based on the use of regular inspection.

    3, often keep the essence of clean, pay attention to the friction with the parts of the lubrication, and often filling the oil.

    4, if found serious damage to the parts, should be replaced in time to avoid accidents. http://www.yipengjack.com/product/