M-Silva talk to fellow Mourinho

  • Beijing early tomorrow morning, the Portuguese Silva will FIFA 18 Coins lead his own team of Waterford will face another Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho in charge of Manchester United. 10 months ago, when Silva, who led Hull City, 2-1 victory over Mu Manchester United, and in May of this year, it is Mourinho's suggestion, Silva took over the Premiership Hornets, and now the outside world will also take Silva and Mourinho comparison, saying the former is the new "special person."

    Silva said before the match against the Red Devils: "This is a great opportunity for me to stay with him for a while, and we will definitely come together to chat before the game, but the match starts Team. "

    "We have a great relationship, we are friends and although life does not create many opportunities for us to get together, he is a very good person. He is doing his job and I am doing my thing, and we are Usually send some text messages. "

    "When we face each other, I want to win, I want to get good grades, of course, Jose Mourinho will think so.His current career is outstanding, I believe he will be the same in the future.I also I need to do my own job and do my own business. "

    "Being able to be compared to the same good coach by others is a very important signal, and they are better off than you are on the other hand, the less-experienced coaches."