Warriors management let me continue to work here

  • Warriors will face the king today, before the Warriors NBA Live Mobile Coins coach Steve - Cole talked about David Fitzgerald was fired.

    "When I saw the news today, I was shocked that he was one of the best coaches in the league and I think he is a very smart guy, very energetic and smart, and their wounded too More, Mike Conley is out, and when your best player is out, you lose and the team collapses completely, "Cole said.

    "So it caught me off guard, which made me very grateful to Warriors management for allowing me to continue working here, they supported me very much and the players have always supported me, and I know not all the coaches in the league can do that , So I'm really really lucky, "Cole said.

    Turning to the injuries of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, Cole said: "Stephen's injury, which I did not realize until the very next day, was that after a night some swelling took place (in the long run) He does not have to worry too much. He could have played better today. But we could not risk it. I think he will play on Thursday. There are a lot of problems with KD. Do not worry too much and observe it daily.