Sang Xie Si performance is very bad

  • Bayern München will lease Swansea, 20, to Swansea this summer, so what about his performance at the Premier League? "Photo newspaper" said that not optimistic.

    Sangxis has played for Swansea so far for seven league games, only two games full, no goals and assists.

    For Sangsey's performance, the photo newspaper quoted British television commentator Robbie Savage as saying: "He had played in Bayern before and played in the Champions League, but when he came here, you must think, 'This kid What's up? 'I'm not kidding, he's behaving badly. "

    Former England international Tim Sherwood said: "If he came out from his youth camp, then you probably will not see him anymore." And Srsex spent Swansea's 8.5 million rental fee.

    Regardless of how Srsex performed Buy FIFA 18 Coins at Swansea, what is certain is that he will return to Bayern by the end of next summer.