Muller I will predict the risk in advance

  • The coming Bayern Munich star Mueller talks about Buy FIFA 18 Coins his recovery and the goals for the coming weeks.

    In an interview, Muller talked about his recovery: "Everything feels better and I'm ready."

    About his own rare month, "seriously injured," Muller said: "My good body is not easy to hurt, I will try to predict the risks and dangers in advance, I have been for a variety of challenges in life to see very Calm, injury is also part of. "

    For the casualties, Muller said: "It just made me feel very difficult to watch, and when I was looking at the German Cup against Leipzig and against the Celtics in the UEFA Champions League, I really wanted to be involved. "

    For the next few weeks, Muller said: "The next few weeks need to continue to score, so that we can give ourselves a wonderful Christmas."