For me MAN DEBI is the most important showdown in the world

  • Belgian Central defender Benjamin Cosparini said ahead of Buy FIFA 18 Coins Derby Sunday in Manchester City that for him this is the world's most important matchup and will be held even if the two teams are not in the title race.

    "When Derby arrived I was kind of like I pressed the pause button, the entire season was no longer important to me, and most importantly was Derby. Coaches and players always wanted to understate, but I do not care, it's all Nonsense, Derby at the moment is for me the most important race in the world. "

    "It goes beyond anything, myself, the team, the fans, and they have to make every effort to win the game, no matter where you are, whether we need a point or a third, I Do not mind, we need to make sure we're heads high when we leave the pitch. "

    "I think it is normal to expect to be lower because it makes you feel relaxed when faced with that pressure, but in my opinion I am happy to face that pressure."

    "I enjoy it more than anyone, and I'm happy to say that Derby is more important than any other race, and I do not care what other people say about it."

    "Derby is not something you can control, and coaches request 110% for the weekend against West Ham, and he will do the same for Manchester United, but the problem is that in this Derby you need to come up with 120 %, No one can tell why, it happens in the game, which is beyond everyone's control. "