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  • In fact, Serie A in the 1992-93 season had many top players, not just some traditional defensive players. Milan has Dutch three swordsman van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard. 20-year-old Ruben Sosa plays for Inter Milan, Juventus has Viali, Baggio, Di Canio, Lavanelli and Kasiragi, while the other team also owns Batistuta, Par Pan, Zola and Mancini. The Serie A broadcast soon attracted more than 3 million viewers, Richardson recalled. "At the time, such shows were not common. They broadcast live broadcasts of other leagues on British television. It seems strange that I think with many footballers. Being able to watch such a game description is indeed charismatic. In the 90s, everything looked better https://www.lolga.com ."

    On the court, football went home and England hosted the 1996 Euro Cup. On the freshening field, England eliminated Holland in the group stage, defeated Spain in the quarter-finals, but lost to Germany in the semi-finals. Like six years ago, the English once again became a "brave loser." In fact, this is not the greatest event of the year. There are empty seats on the field and the scoring rate is very low. However, the 1996 European Cup feels like a party for English soccer. Although this is a bit old, it is very interesting to hold an international competition. Despite relying on the wealth of football gathered in the English Premier League, England built the world's best stadium, but it was almost half a century before England could once again hold an international competition.
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    4/11/18 at 1:00 AM
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On the freshening field

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