I bought a Monoprice 19 inch interactive pen display a few years ago, which is now apparently a non-existent model. From what I can tell Monoprice is very good about returns as well. Due to its light-weight portable design and express functionalities, I think the GT is priced quite higher than its bigger version. I assume this makes sense to you…. For example there are no hotkeys which can take time to adjust.

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One thing to note is the battery-free pen which is a big step forward for Monoprice. With pressure sensitivity of levels, you can draw variety of lines.

inch Interactive Pen Display from Monoprice – Video Dailymotion

What would be your suggestion? How does the XP-Pen This is really a good feature especially in a tablet for artists.

Moreover, it also has mnooprice Access Keys which can be customized according to your needs and comfort. The more I draw on this model the more I get used to the distance.

An Affordable Cintiq Alternative: Monoprice 19-Inch TFT Interactive Pen Display Monitor (110707)

Get both convenience and accuracy in your graphics applications using this inch Interactive Pen Display from Monoprice! The pressure curve is very light by default, so even barely touching the screen will leave a mark.

Im a freelancer and sometimes book a stand in big events. What comes in the box should be more than enough to get started. Monoprice interactive pen display GT S has smooth and solid edges that you can comfortably rest your arm on. Moreover, there are a lot of educational contents available online with which your daughter can learn things on her own. It charges via USB port monoprice interactive pen display simply rests in a charging dieplay.


Is the Huion product better if my main focus is on drawing and painting?

Monoprice 22in HD SmartTouch Interactive Pen Drawing Display p | eBay

Moreover, on the front, there are 6 Access keys which idsplay monoprice interactive pen display customize with your favorite tools or keyboard shortcuts which will help you to increase productivity. All I want is a ergonomic pen to use instead of a mouse. One of drawing tablets is the generically named Monoprice inch pen tablet monoprice interactive pen display for digital artists of all skill levels. I was thinking that the Surface Pro 4 might be a great option because she could also use it as a laptop?

Pin It on Pinterest. And would it be worth the investment over an alternative? In the package, along with the device, you will get a screen protector, 2 rechargeable pens, 10 replacement nibs, 1 USB cable and other monoprice interactive pen display cables. Pressure sensitivity may be a concern for many. Precision is very accurate once you get the drivers working.

Do you enjoy working with a natural creative experience? For whatever reason the other drivers may cause jitter issues when drawing. According to Wacom, the Wacom Pro Pen 2 has 4X higher accuracy and pressure mono;rice than its previous versions which promises ultimate accuracy for artists and designers and enables them to draw almost everything they can imagine.


If I were to get an S3, do you think it could be as good as the Tab Monoprice interactive pen display The only solution I found was to uninstall all drivers from the computer and reinstall the Monoprice drivers. She is also on the Yearbook staff at school. Surface Pro 4 powers through everything you need to do while being lighter than ever before. However, when used with Windows it must be used to mirror the other display s or be in a single-monitor setup.

Monitors identified as defective after 30 days, but within the twelve 12 month warranty period, will be replaced with refurbished, reconditioned, or used monitors at MONOPRICE’S discretion. Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 lets you work directly on the screen, and tilt sensitive Wacom Pro Pen 2 performs like traditional brushes, pencils and markers.

Its compatibility with the most common operating systems makes this a good device for monoprice interactive pen display. This post may contain affiliate links. They may not pick up sensitivity as nicely depending on your version of OS X try to run